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This massive children's craft supply bundle includes:

x10 Wooden hearts
x25 A4 black card
x15 Assorted masks
x16 Animal masks
x50 Glitter glue pens
x18 Small white bowls
x12 Snap on bracelets
x1 Blue tissue paper
x4 Wooden trees
100's mixed stickers
100's mini crayons
100' stick-on gems
x50 Flower lollipop sticks
x50 Mini multi-coloured clothes peg
100's Mini silver letters
50+ Fabric daisies
100's Feathers - assorted colours
x20 Star lollipop sticks
x12 Seaside stamps
x1 Ball of wool - peach
x50 Plain lollipop sticks
x4 Mini chalks
x10 Mini green feathers
x20 Glitter pipe cleaners
x2 rolls Pirate stickers
x20 Foam unicorn
x1 My safari world book with stencils
x120 Assorted colour lollipop sticks
x1 Wrap and roll white dots roll
x100 Assorted wooden shapes
x36 Mini colour pencils
x50 Stick on glitter shapes
x40 Animal farm foam stickers
x25 Pipe cleaners pack
x6 Craft Scissors - different shapes
x2 boxes of miscellaneous items totalling over 100 pens, pencils, stencils, cord and stickers out of the packaging


RRP £255 (excluding x2 boxes of miscellaneous items)

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