Waterlow Park – Messy Play Location Map

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26th June 2018
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Waterlow Park – Messy Play Location Map

Our messy play session at Waterlow park will be held in the lawn area surrounded by hedging below the LUX centre and above the toddler playground (please see the dark green dot).  You will be able to park your buggies and use the changing area we will set up within this space, although please note it is not completely private so you may wish to change in the Lux centre toilets.

BE PREPARED TO GET MESSY:  Both child and adult need to be dressed for the mess.  If it’s drizzly old clothes you don’t mind getting muddy. If sunny a nappy (ideally a swim one) or shorts are fine for the child (although we won’t judge if you choose the same attire).  Old clothes for adults unless you’re happy to walk home sporting a collage of paint and a few damp patches… Also, don’t forget a towel and wipes for cleaning both you and your little ones.

LET YOUR CHILD LEAD THE PLAY:  This is not a sit back and natter with your friends whilst your kids’ play type group.  There will be lots of play areas which will get very slippery and you will need to be nearby to assist.  This is your child’s chance to lead so however much you want them to move around to make the best use of all the fun activities (or stay still a little…) please let them make their own choices.  Let them explore what they like when the like and most importantly for how long they want.  It doesn’t matter if different trays get mixed up or if your child spends an age focusing on one object; it’s all part of their learning experience.

PLEASE KEEP THE MESS IN THE LAWN AREA!  This is a big one as we rely on the goodwill of the Camden Green Spaces to let us hold these wonderful sessions (others have said no when they heard the word messy!) and if we leave trails of paint all over the park they won’t let us back. Also if you use the Lux centre toilets please leave them as you find them.