Messy Play

We all know that messy play has a vital role in the development of our children, however not everyone is in the position to provide messy activities in their own homes, nor would they want to. Can you imagine the amount of cleaning up you’d have to do? This inspired us to source a venue, fill it with lots of different sensory play materials and messy activities each week throughout the year and let the fun ensue. We welcome parents, nannies, childminders and extended families to pop in and give their children a chance to indulge in their need for mess without having to deal with the cleanup.

All our sessions are listed on our events calender here.

Hargrave Hall

Every Monday*:
10:00 - 12:00

Address: Hargrave Hall London, N19 5SP
Access via the ramp directly into the lower hall
£6 per child
*closed on bank holidays


What age is this session for?

This group is for children under 5 years. During school holidays we welcome older siblings to Messy Play in the Park

Do I stay with my child?

Yes. Parents and carers are entirely responsible for their children at all times during the session.

What happens in the session?

Each week we set up various messy activities, from paints, slime, gloop to edibles. We strongly recommend you let your child roam at their own pace enjoying the sensory experiences available. This is a child lead group; if your child has an interest in one activity let them take their time, they are learning. Don't feel the need to do everything.

What should my child wear?

Old clothes or baby grow. Nothing you don’t mind being covered in paint and other messy materials. It is advisable to bring a change of clothes and a towel for when you leave. If you are attending a park session in the summer a swim nappy is strongly recommended.

My child likes to put everything in their mouth, is this a problem?

Not at all; it is part of their developing a sense of the world around them. Our resources are purchased from the same retailer's school buys from and many are edibles. If your child has an allergy please let us know when you book or on arrival.

Will my child like messy play?

All children like different levels of mess. This is why we don’t have activities they must do during the session. They are gently encouraged to do what they want when they want. It may take a couple of sessions for some to settle in. Nothing saddens us than watching a parent sitting next to their child with wipes constantly cleaning them during this session, it sends a confusing message to the child. They are supposed to get messy: it's in our name after all. And children are very good at picking up on your worries so please do come with a relaxed attitude. Remember you don’t need to tidy up!